The Fight over Wikileaks and Free Speech on the Internet

A great resource is WL Central for links about protests around the world.

The UK Guardian has had very good coverage of the issues and news about Wikileaks, in addition to disclosing some of the diplomatic cables.

Things you can do:

  1. Call customer service numbers for all of your Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards and complain that you are being blocked from donating to Wikileaks (whether or not you actually want to donate, you should be allowed to). Also say that you'd like the issuing bank to make a formal complaint to the larger organization (either Visa or Mastercard) about their cutting off Wikileaks's oxygen supply. This is a great opportunity to spread the word - you're explaining the situation to the customer service rep and, usually, a supervisor on the bank's time.
  2. Stay informed and share articles and information on your blog or Facebook.
  3. Organize a protest of your own.
  4. Engage in constructive direct action to keep the net free.
  5. Contact congresspeople urging them not to pass the SHIELD Act or otherwise attempt to interfere with freedom of speech and freedom of expression.
If you have other ideas, put them in the comments!

Biggest Lies:

  1. The cables have revealed only gossip - to me, the most disturbing news is that Hillary Clinton ordered employees to obtain email account passwords and biometric data of UN officials. Biometric data includes DNA - CREEPY!
  2. Assange has been charged with a crime - as of Thursday, December 16th, no charges have been filed.
  3. Assange was the subject of an "international manhunt" - an arrest warrant was issued in Britain on December 8th and he turned himself in that day.
  4. Wikileaks has engaged in illegal activity - the organization has never even been charged with a crime, and its activities are analogous to the New York Times's printing of the Pentagon Papers.
  5. Wikileaks engaged in an "indiscriminate dump" of documents - it has released 0.5% of the cables in its possession, in partnership with news organizations like the Guardian and Der Spiegel.
Stay tuned for more here ... we are just getting started!


December 16th - Thanks to all who came out for the demonstration today outside the British Consulate and to those of you who got a flyer and came here.


Bentropy said...

Video of our flash-protest on good ol' indybay

Martin MacKerel said...

HTML for a link:

Anonymous said...

How about another thing we could do might be to stop buying the mainstream media publications and promote a "boycott mainstream media campaign" until they start printing actual news. We won't be missing anything in those papers if we stop buying them, because there is nothing in them that substantially informs us about the true condition of our world right now. Hit them in the bottom line, that's when they will start listening.

Wendy W.

Anonymous said...

Remember Palantir and HBGary? Someone pro-WL should attend this 11/17 event! I have other plans. -Jesus

Martin MacKerel said...

Good point - we should protest Palantir in general. They do a lot of recruiting at college campuses and have built this rep as this great, cool, liberal place to work, when in fact they do a ton of work for the federal government and pulled this crap smearing Wikileaks.